Arbor Plumbing & Backflow is a full service plumbing company operating in the state of North Carolina. 

Arbor Plumbing & Backflow installs, repairs and tests backflow prevention assemblies. We understand the necessity of safe drinking water, and the hazards and discomfort associated with water contamination and pollution. You can always count on us to use the best quality materials from nationally recognized and approved standard organizations. The duty of our backflow prevention specialists is to protect the public health and integrity of the water supply. 

Our certified technicians utilize Accepted Engineering Practices to ensure that every job is done right. Contact Arbor Plumbing and Backflow today for a quote. 

Our Technicians believe in being the most knowledgeable about the Plumbing trade, hence we are certified members of the International Code Council. For more information about the ICC, please click here.

We care deeply about the environment’s prime resource. Our Technicians are licensees of the American Water Works Association in the State of North Carolina. For more information about the AWWA, see the links below.

Professional Service from Knowledgeable Technicians.

Our techs are always clean-cut and you’ll never spot a crack. 

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Our Services:

  • Water Heater Repair & Installation

  • Backflow Testing, Repair & Installation

Quality Parts & Materials

Liscensed Professionals

Locally Owned

Don’t Under-Estimate the Danger of Water Contamination!

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