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Backflow Prevention

Backflow assembly installation, testing & repair.


Water Heaters

Water heater installation, maintenance, & repair.


Plumbing Installations

Install new toilets, showers, bathtubs, sinks, and more.



Renovate or remodel your kitchen & bathroom.

Backflow Bargains

Securing your water supply’s safety is of utmost importance, and one crucial way to achieve this is through the installation and regular assessment of backflow preventers. These devices are designed to stop the reverse flow of water or other substances from potentially contaminated sources, ensuring your drinking water remains pure and safe.

In light of this, we’re thrilled to present our Backflow Bargains promotion to our esteemed clients: Enjoy 25% off when testing multiple backflow preventers! This exclusive offer is ideal for HOAs, commercial property owners, and residents with two or more backflow preventers. Seize this opportunity to save on costs while confirming the proper functioning of all your backflow preventers. Experience peace of mind and safeguard the well-being of your loved ones and clients with our unbeatable Backflow Bargains.

For a detailed report about the quality of your drinking water and for information about the efficacy of your local Cross Connection Control program, contact your water provider and ask for a copy of your Consumer Confidence Report.

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  • TESTing provides a precise computation of the performance of your device’s internal components.

  • TEST records will ensure the device is repaired in a timely manner..

  • TESTing provides you the peace of mind that your device is working properly between testing intervals.




New Construction

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At Arbor Plumbing & Backflow, we provide comprehensive and high-quality plumbing solutions for commercial, industrial, and residential clients in the Triangle area. Our diverse array of services includes new installations, renovations, repairs, and maintenance for all types of plumbing systems. We are dedicated to elevating the construction industry in the region by delivering exceptional plumbing and backflow services, tailored to meet the unique needs of each project, regardless of its scale or complexity. Trust Arbor Plumbing & Backflow to keep your plumbing systems operating efficiently, safely, and in compliance with industry standards.

Service Areas

We are certified to perform backflow testing & maintenance services throughout the State of North Carolina, and we service the jurisdictions listed below.
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